People take different paths to their perfect car. With our Premier program, all paths lead to you.

Edmunds Premier - Marketing Solutions for Dealers

Reach shoppers on Edmunds

Your cars are showcased on engaging listings that send shoppers straight to your VDPs.

Reach shoppers off Edmunds

Shoppers see your cars again after they've left our site; ads featuring your vehicles will show up in their social feeds.

Get access to useful tools

Our CarCode messaging platform helps shoppers contact you however they want. Messages are tracked in your CRM.

Total transparency

You can use Google Analytics to measure progress, so you'll know if you're getting the results you want.

Why partner with Edmunds?

We publish 300+ reviews a year and have more than 175 million views on YouTube - our audience knows your cars

Trusted reviews

Shoppers use our site to compare cars and figure out their budget; you get ready-to-buy customers

Online tools

Our articles guide customers through the shopping process; they have the confidence to schedule a test-drive

Shopping tips

We let shoppers know that you're offering a good deal in their area

Deal ratings

The road to your dealership
With Premier, you'll be at every point of a shopper's journey

Reach more shoppers with these optional features*

Sign up for our Trade-In Tool

Our Trade-In Tool uses predictive search to give shoppers a fast and seamless experience.

24/7 Managed Messaging

Away from your desk? Our response team will reply to shoppers for you.
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