Edmunds Connected Video

Engage and connect with our audience on the largest screen in their home — their television

How we deliver results

We're more connected than ever
The average US household is connected to 14.5 devices* — jump on this opportunity to boost your reach

Reach serious shoppers

Use our first-party data to target an in-market audience

Connected TV Report

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Geared for your dealership
QR code
Put a QR code on your ad that leads to your website
Market exclusivity
Secure your region for your brand — act fast to claim your area
Dynamic VINs
Don't waste ad space; videos are updated to show live VINs

Big screen targeting

Connected Video targets big screens for maximum exposure.

After shoppers see your ad on a TV, we re-target them on smaller devices such as their smartphones. Re-engagement leads to a 200%+ increase in conversions.**

Get the Edmunds advantage

The power of the Edmunds audience

Exposure on major streaming networks

Customizable videos

Big screen targeting

Zip code targeting

Our data performs

2-3X better post-view performance and CTR versus use of 3rd-party data***


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*Source: Parks Associates (Jan 2022). Total Average Number of Connected Devices Per US BB HH.

**Strategus (March 2022). Comparing Edmunds clients' CTV-only campaigns with campaigns that include both full-funnel CTV and Encore pre-roll mode. Strategus is Edmunds' partner for delivering Connected Video to dealer partners.

***Edmunds performance stats measured by Strategus between March 1 - May 31 2022. Strategus is Edmunds' partner for delivering Connected Video to dealer partners.